What is an ISBN and why is it important?

Where to find ISBN on a book or textbook?

Your book ISBN number can usually be found on the back of the book above the barcode:

Or Inside the front cover on the Copyright Page:

You can leave off the dashes and just enter the numbers.

An ISBN can be a 10 or 13 digit number - you can enter either one. If your book does not have a barcode or a sticker is covering the barcode you can usually find the ISBN inside of the front title page where you would find publisher information.

Things to remember about ISBN numbers:

  • If a book does not have an ISBN we are unable to buy it
  • All of our quotes are based 100% on the ISBN number - if the ISBN you enter is not printed on the book or is for a different edition of that book we will not accept the item

Why is the ISBN so important?

The ISBN number is very important to us because it lets us know exactly what book we are expecting. When a publisher publishes a new edition of a chemistry book, for example, they might have five different versions of that book and all five of the version will have different ISBN numbers. For Example:

  • A loose leaf version of the book
  • A Hardcover Version of the book
  • A Paperback version of the book
  • An international version of the book
  • A "Packaged" version of the book that is bundled with an access code and study guide

If you enter the ISBN number from the packaged version we would expect an access code and study guide that is what we would be quoting.  If you quote the hardcover ISBN and we receive a different edition we will email you and let you know that we could not honor the original quote since the book we received is different than we quoted - so always double-check you are entering the correct ISBN for the book you are selling. 

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