What condition does my book have to be in?

When selling used books to us it is important to make sure that every book you send in meets our book condition guidelines. All books we buyback we expect to be in good or better condition. Any book we receive that do not meet our condition guidelines will be rejected. You can have a rejected item returned to you for a 3.99 return shipping fee or we can recycle the item for you free of charge. 

What does good or better condition mean?

  • No Water Damage
  • No tears on the cover or pages
  • Workbooks must not have any writing in them
  • Less than 30% of the book has highlighting/ underlining or writing
  • No Missing or Loose Pages
  • No Fire or smoke damage
  • Minimal wear to the binding - pages should be firmly attached to the binding -- bindings cannot be broken
  • No strong odor of any kind (including musty odor, cigar or cigarette odor)
  • No items with the access code exposed. This includes standalone items (for example an item that is an access code for an online class like Mathlab) as well as items that include a supplementary access code (for example a textbook packaged with an associated access code for an accompanying online class).
  • No Foxing

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