How to sell international edition textbook

Can I sell International Edition Textbook?

Yes, buys international editions textbooks. To sell us your international edition textbook go to our homepage and enter the ISBN number for the international edition. Always make sure that the ISBN number you enter is for the correct edition of the book. If your international edition has a sticker of the barcode it is very important to enter the ISBN from the copyright page - for more information on how to find your books ISBN be sure to read what is an ISBN.

What is an international edition?

An international edition of a textbook is a textbook that publishers make available for sale outside of the US. Publishers usually price international editions based on the economy of the country they are selling in. International editions can also sometimes be referred to as:

  • IE
  • International Edition
    • Sell international edition textbooks
  • Low Price Edition
  • Eastern Economy Edition
  • EEE
  • Global Edition
    • Sell Global Edition textbooks
  • Indian Edition
    • Sell Indian Editions

What is the difference between an international edition and a student edition?

Usually, the content in both editions is the same - but the quality can be much different. International editions will sometimes be

  • Different Covers - when you sell international editions to us make sure the cover we show matches the version you are selling
  • Printed in black and white
  • Printed on cheaper paper
  • Will not include access codes or CDs
  • Pages numbers might be different

Is it legal to sell International Edition Textbooks?

If your International Edition Textbook says "Not for Sale in the US" - you might be wondering if it is legal to buy and sell international editions. The textbook publishers would prefer people not to buy and sell international edition textbooks in the United States (they would also prefer you not to buy and sell used books - ever wonder why custom editions textbook or loose leaf edition textbooks exist?) - But because of the decision by the Supreme Court in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. it is legal to sell International Edition Textbooks. 

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