What types of books can I sell?

This is always a difficult question to answer as we buy over a 1,000,000 different books - so chance are we are buying some of the books you have. The most popular types of books people sell to us are

All books we buy must have an ISBN number printed on the book. If a book does not have an ISBN number we do not purchase it.

We are buying over 1,000,000 different books at any time so the best way to see if you can sell your book is to enter the ISBN number. We buy lots of textbooks and fictions but also buy more obscure things like sheet music, mangadungeon and dragons bookschildren's books - if it has an ISBN there is a good chance we will buy it. Remember when you sell textbooks it is important to always make sure the ISBN is the correct ISBN for that book as a single textbook may have multiple ISBN numbers (see what is an ISBN and why is it important). 

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