What types of books do you not accept?

Most of the time if we show you a price when price a book it means we are buying it and you will receive 100% of the quote. There is a few exceptions and to make sure you get what is quoted you do not want to send in the following types of books (regardless of what we quoted):

  • Instructor Edition Textbooks - if your book has black tape check to see if it is an instructors edition
  • ISBN you enter does not match the ISBN printed on the title page
  • Examination copies
  • Teacher's Edition
  • Advanced Readers Copy (ARC)
  • Items without an ISBN printed on the book
  • Items that are sexually explicit and/or offensive
  • Non book items such as Calendars and board games (even though they may have an ISBN)
  • Encyclopedia Sets

Also please make sure that all of the items you send us meet our book condition guidelines.

What if my book does not have an ISBN number?

I am afraid that we only buy books that have an ISBN number printed on the book. If your book has no ISBN number on it we can not purchase it.

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