How do I ship my items?

After you complete an order to sell your books to us we provide a free shipping label.

Our Free Shipping Label is a "FedEx Smart Post" Label that can be dropped off at any FedEx location, any Post Office or even picked up by your postman by scheduling a pickup.

To print your shipping label login to your account and select print shipping label.

After you print the label make sure to package your items carefully and drop them off at a FedEx Location, Post Office or schedule a pickup with USPS. You do not need to put your return address on the label - all of the necessary information is already included on the label.

Select orders qualify for a Free Upgrade to FedEx Ground - this is usually much faster but not all items

When using our label you must read and agree to the terms and conditions which are as follows*:

  • Do not use priority mail supplies with our label - this will result in us being charged priority mail prices and we will deduct the extra postage charges from your quote
  • Please make sure to keep boxes under 50 lbs
  • I will not schedule a FedEx Pickup - the post office will pick up for free
  • I will not put my package in a FedEx Express Dropbox or a Post Office Drop Box
  • I will take the package to a FedEx Location that accepts Ground Packages or a US Post Office
*The above terms may change from time to time and the terms you agree to when printing the label supersede the terms posted above .

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